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sword huggR
17 April 2006 @ 10:16 pm
So yeah... It's been awhile since I updated this shit. I'm really only updating it to make this look more like a real entry rather than a stupid poem I wrote.


My writing sucks... maybe I should delete this or turn it into something else. Hell, even the name is lame. Red ribbons?? Okay, time for me to copy/paste a short article to give this entry some substance (it's not like anyone reads this journal anyway).

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sword huggR
02 May 2005 @ 07:35 pm
I was just thinking
How it would be fun
To fall off the edge
And like that, it's done

I was just hoping
That we could do it
Together, and it'd be over
Before you even knew it

It'd be so cool
If you'd slap me
Right in the face
And set my mind free

I was going to ask
If we could do it
Drive into a ditch
There's nothing to it

Come walk across this
Goddamn street with me
The light's green
Just as it should be

I was just wondering
If it'd be okay
To do it again
Just like yesterday

I think it'd be neat
If we played a game
of Russian Roulette
1, 2, 3, BANG!

I was just begging
But you pushed me away
And we parted sides
As you refused to stay.
sword huggR
18 November 2004 @ 10:15 pm
Let's back track
From day 247 to day 1.

Today I cried
For the 201st time.
I thought it was because of you.
But then you reminded me,
It was my own fault again.

A friend commented,
"You deserve better."

Last week I cried
For the 198th time.
Remembering what you said,
I blamed my self,
and sought professional help.

A friend commented,
"You deserve better."

A month ago I cried
For the 110th time.
I thought you were ignoring me.
But after your defense,
I learned to blame myself.

A friend commented,
"You deserve better."

Six months ago I sighed
For the 52nd time.
You were going away for a week.
I knew I would miss you,
But you didn't care.

A friend commented,
"Don't worry."

9 months ago I smiled
For the first time in a year.
Because I was with you,
and we were talking,
and then we kissed.

You said,
"I love you."
Current Mood: blank
Current Music: Elliott Smith - Happiness
sword huggR
21 April 2004 @ 08:08 pm
my mouth is bound
by stitches and chains
but only talking
would heal this pain

my tongue is tied down
with ropes and wires
but talkings the only
solution required

my teeth are snapped shut
by glue and cement
only talking can end
this girls lament

if this were not so
I'd still have no clue
just what to say
to dear little you.
Current Mood: pessimistic
Current Music: the distillers - the hunger
sword huggR
18 April 2004 @ 03:05 pm
you're falling away
my fading happiness
I want to hold on
to feeling like this

you're running away
my reason to wake
I will not be ready,
this I can't take

you're closing my eyes
to all open doors
and the window's no longer
opaque anymore

the book has run out
of words on the page
because the story's forgot
what it should say

you've walked away
from the rose with no thorns
with hopes that just maybe
another'd be born

the floor's starting to crack
and soon will cave in
but you won't be there
for when I fall in.

and no one can catch
this floating feather
she slipped through your fingers
when you tried to get her

and no one will find
this note in a bottle
because water got in
and she sunk to the bottom

so when you return
all hopes will be lost
for she for slipped and she drowned
from you being gone.
Current Music: AFI - the leaving song
sword huggR
16 April 2004 @ 01:04 pm
I can't do this
I can't write
I can't eat
I can't sleep
I can't play
I can't watch
I can't speak
I can't breathe
I'm too weak.

I can't sit here
doing nothing
while you stay
all alone
just like me
in that house
called a home
I'm too dumb.

But I can love
I can lie
I can drink
I can cry
I can miss
I can wish
I can do anything
but this.
Current Mood: listless
Current Music: audioslave - I am the highway
sword huggR
13 January 2004 @ 07:39 pm
it is a word
nothing but a title
a sound from the lips
ink from the pen

it is a word
nothing but a title
a pleasure to some
an insult to others

it is a word
nothing but a title
it's making me laugh
it caused you to cry

it is a word
nothing but a title
it brought an idea
it caused a bullet

it is a word
nothing but a title
it brought her to life
it caused him to die

it is a word
nothing but a title
it destroyed the world
and all those who spoke it
sword huggR
15 August 2003 @ 01:57 pm
Remember the days
We all could could care less
As to why birds flew high
Or how the sun set
Remember how you
And Sammy were best friends
That it was for forever
And forever never ends

Remember the days
When we first found out
That the birds had wings
And the earth spun around
Remember how Sammy
Moved on to new trends
But you didn't want to
Seems forever had an end

Remember the days
We moved onto high school
Birds couldn't fly so high
And the sun didn't matter
Remember Sammy started drugs
And hung with the "in" crowd
While you stayed at home
And cried when you found out

Remember the days
When the birds couldn't fly
Because you didn't watch them
And the sun seemed to die
Remember good ol' Sammy
Got into a car crash
But you were okay
'Cause forever didn't last

Remember the days
When the only bird you knew
Was the one that fell down
From the sun when it flew
Remember Sammy never made it,
Like the bird that flew too high
And you're still here
Because you never tried to fly

But now you're all alone
And you always have been
Because Sammy forgot
That you were his friend
And you couldn't take it
Having no one was killing you
You didn't see the sun that day
You're the bird that never flew.
Current Mood: peaceful
Current Music: Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke
sword huggR
09 July 2003 @ 12:19 pm
Sitting on the window sill
Looking at the raindrops fall
Thoughts of you running through my head
I'm feeling like I've seen it all

I've seen this wind blow these leaves before
I've seen these trees catch these water drops
I've seen you smile at me like that
'Cause every single time my heart stops

I know that you don't feel like this
I know that you don't understand
But maybe if you came with me…
You'd feel it, just take my hand

Sometimes on these cold, dark nights
When no one's there to talk to
I worry that they've left forever. I'm alone
And there's no where to walk to

And deep down inside I feel things
That no one else could be feeling
And suddenly I feel like I'm different
Too different to do any real things

I'm afraid to let out what's there
Sometimes I don't even know
I'm afraid I'll be too different
So different, you'll leave me alone

You say that the real me won't bug you
But how could I believe that it's true?
When the me I am right now
Still isn't good enough for you?

And to be totally honest
I don't even know who I am
I'm just the girl from another town
And you're just the one I call "friend"
Current Mood: hopeful
Current Music: Enigma - Gravity of Love
sword huggR
27 June 2003 @ 12:01 am
Narrow paths
Fading lights
Locking fingers
Lonely nights
Pale, white skin
Pitch black room
Blinded eyes
Glowing moon
Current Mood: crappy
Current Music: AFI - At A Glance